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A breath of immortality for everyone

Your memorial, protected deep in a mountain on a durable ceramic tablet for the next 1.000.000 years and a duplicate nice ceramic tablet for you and your progeny.

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Memory of Mankind - MOM - preserves the stories about our era and saves them from oblivion in a near future. Protected deep in a mountain and on durable ceramic data carries, MOM tells our stories for 1.000.000 years.

Become a part of this story and create a ceramic tablet of your virtual memorial of your loved one.
It will be protected in a mountan for future generations, cultures or even civilisations.

Beispieltafel Geschenkbox Keramiktafel als Erinnerung für zu Hause

How is information kept for a million years?

MOM preserves text and image in the same way to guarantee readability whenever in the future. On these panels, text and images are applied in a 4-color print with ceramic color pigments, which are fixed in a thermal process. These panels carry photos and text and are resistant to heat up to 1200 °C, chemicals, water, radiation, magnetism and pressure.

Where is MoM Archive located?

The salt mine in Hallstatt / Austria fulfills all the requirements to preserve your memories for all eternity. By the way, this is the oldest salt mines in the world with 7,000 years of uninterrupted salt mining, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Hallstatt / Dachstein.

You want to keep your memorial for eternity? Click here, login and select your memorial. Price starts at 129,00 Euro

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An eternal tablet from your own picture starting at 129,00 Euro

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